Amethyst / Barite Freeform

Amethyst / Barite Freeform

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Amethyst is known as a master healing stone for the mind and body. It is said to be a natural stress reliever and extremely soothing, allowing psychic and spiritual development. Amethyst stills the mind and helps you to feel more focused, encourages inner strength and mental clarity. Amethyst is an excellent aid to meditation because it turns your thoughts towards tranquility and deeper understanding. It can help recall and interpret your dreams and when placed close to your bed or under your pillow can prevent nightmares. As it's beneficial for healing and reducing stress, Amethyst can be a stone of comfort for those grieving a loss.

Barite helps us connect to our higher self. It attracts high frequency energy which helps us access our intuition easily. Barite will allow you to release negative emotions and replace them with love and joy. An amazing stone to assist in dream recall.





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