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Wild Moon Tribe


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Eudialyte carries positive vibrations, and has the ability to assist heart based loving energy to fill your life. It opens the heart chakra, and helps to produce a loving connection to base chakra energy, which unites your emotional feelings with physical expression. Eudialyte is known to aid occurrences of coincidence and synchronicity in your life, and help you to see how your dreams can become reality.

These coincidences may also present ways to move forward using these insights. It's energy helps to remove blockages to creativity and will help you to allow your innate gifts to flow as they were meant to.The vibration of this stone helps you to learn from your mistakes and helps you to be more at peace with yourself.

NOTE: All crystals are handpicked with love and come cleansed and carefully wrapped. Being that crystals are delicate in nature please handle with care. One Eudialyte will be selected from similar sized stock . Colour might slightly vary due to lighting. One prehnite will be selected from similar sized stock.