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Wild Moon Tribe

Sky Mermaid Bowl

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Stunning handmade ceramic bowl infused with Clear Quartz. Filled with biodegradable eco soy wax, once finished becomes a trinket dish for you to treasure for years to come.
Australian stoneware clay | Sustainable wooden wick
100% Ecosoy wax | Approx 200g | 20Hr Burn Time
  • - Colours may vary between monitors.
  • - You will receive a version of the photographed ceramic.
  • - Discrepancies in the clay/glaze are not considered faults, instead they are part of the charm and individuality of the vessel.
  • - This is a handmade product and no two are the same.
  • - Remove crystals before burning.
  • - Do not put in microwave.

Please ALWAYS refer to the warning labels at the bottom of your vessels. NEVER leave candles unattended.

Always allow the wax to burn all the way to the edges of the vessel to create an even clean burn. This prevents tunneling and provides maximum longevity. If you don't let the wax melt all the way to the edges you may create a build up of wax, making it difficult to relight your wick. If you haven't let your wax melt all the way to the edges and your wick is going out, try to empty some of the wax out to create an even plane and try again, re burning all the way to the edges, wooden wicks, unlike cotton wicks, do not contain any petroleum coating, so burning is sometimes temperamental as there are no chemicals to fuel the wick, always light with a lighter and hold the flame on the wick for a few more seconds. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Always make sure your candle is placed on a heat resistant surface, out of reach from children and animals. Keep candles away from windows and drafts. Trim your wicks to 5mm before each use to prevent the build up or soot and 'mushrooming' and ensure a clean burn. Never pick up a hot candle. Keep candles out of direct sunlight and excessive temperatures, pure soy wax candles will sweat in the heat. Never use the lid to extinguish your candle. When there is 10mm left at the bottom of your candle, its time to wash out, never attempt to light.