Spessartine Garnet In Smoky Quartz Matrix

Spessartine Garnet In Smoky Quartz Matrix

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Spessartine garnet with smoky quartz is one of the hardest gem combos to find. Also known as the “garnet of the sun,"  they and are powerful gems of sexual attraction and creativity. This stone activates the sacral chakra, facilitates kundalini awakening, and heightens your ability to take action and manifest what you seek. Spessartine garnet encourages confidence, optimism, that side of you that is daring and even risk-taking! In smoky quartz matrix, spessartine takes on a grounded element that takes its creative and sexual energy in a powerful and grounded direction.

NOTE: All crystals are handpicked with love and come cleansed and carefully wrapped. Being that crystals are delicate in nature please handle with care. This is the actual crystal you will be receiving. Colour might slightly vary due to lighting. 

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