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Wild Moon Tribe

Blue Lotus Cleansing Bundle

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Palo santo literally means holy wood and that is exactly what it is. When it is burned the smoke is believed to not only have therapeutic and medicinal healing powers but also cleanse the air and get rid of negative energies. Beyond space clearing it is said to help anxiety, relieve stress, inflammation and headaches. Palo santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal. Its is part of the citrus family and has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon. This particular palo santo has been ethically grown in Ecuador.

Selenite is a calming stone with fine vibrations that bring clarity of mind. It instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation and spiritual work. A piece of selenite placed in your house ensures a peaceful atmosphere. It clears confusion and allows you to see deeper, bringing an understanding of what is occurring on a subconscious level. It is a powerful  disperser and stabiliser for erratic emotions.

Blue Lotus ~ The flower of ancient Egypt, (Nymphaea Caerulea) is a powerful, calming plant medicine that will help you drop into your intuition and create a clear connection to spirit. Well known for it’s sedative properties used to relieve stress and assist in healthy sleeping patterns.⁣ Can also be used as an aphrodisiac. 

Lighting Instructions: Light one end of the stick and allow the flame to burn for around a minute. Blow out the flame and walk around the space that needs to be cleansed. Palo santo does not smoke as much as sage so you will only see a small amount of smoke. You might have to relight during your cleansing process this is normal.

NOTE: Never leave a lit palo santo stick unattended. Extinguish in water and then allow to completely dry before lighting again. Keep out of reach of children.