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Wild Moon Tribe

Pyrite On Fluorite Cluster

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When these 2 energies are combined they create a powerful synergy.

The protective qualities of pyrite can help create a safe space for the mental clarity and focus that fluorite provides.

While pyrite attracts prosperity and boosts confidence, fluorite helps ensure that decisions made are clear and balanced, promoting sustainable growth.

Together, they can support overall well being by balancing physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.

Pyrite is a powerful protection stone, shielding against negative energies. It is associated with attracting wealth, success, and prosperity. Pyrite will enhance mental clarity, focus, and stamina, promoting vitality and determination.

Fluorite will improve mental clarity and decision making, making it an excellent stone for focus and concentration. It will help in balancing your emotions and is used to reduce stress and negative energy.

 Weight: 100gm 

Height: 2.5cm approx 

Length: 6cm approx